The world’s first robot-on-a-chip.

What it is

The Blue-Mite is a versatile Arduino-compatible development board that takes away the need to stack an Arduino with endless development shields.


Linux OS

Having a fully-fledged operating system on the Blue-Mite makes it incredibly easy to work with. Linux has lots of handy built-in tools and it supports many programming languages to streamline your develoment process.


Low Power Usage

As any IoT fanatics would say: energy is a critical resource that can limit the potential of the application. We combined the low power usage of the ATmega2560 and the Intel Edison.
low × low = super low power right?



You know how Mario can eat a Mushroom and get bigger? We did the opposite because we think that great things come in small packages.


Less Cables

Anecdotally, we found that connecting separate technologies can cause all sorts of issues. So we packed it nice and tight, all in one board for you. This way you can worry about the more important things.

“Machines take me by surprise with great frequency”

Alan Turing (1950)

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